A list of my published and forthcoming pieces to date:

    • “The Kyne Extraction” (reprint) – Kasma SF, September 2014.
    • “Attila’s Throne” – Child of Words #1, from Big Pulp, March 2014. Order print or PDF.
    • “The Debt Collector” – The New Gothic anthology from Stone Skin Press, February 2014. Available in both paperback and e-book format, in UK book stores or online. Preview here.
    • “The Tiny Man” – forthcoming in Stupefying Stories, date to be confirmed.
    • “Communion” – forthcoming in Stupefying Stories, date to be confirmed.
    • “Shoeless” – Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, Issue #57. Buy print or electronic versions here.
    • “The Kyne Extraction” – Plasma Frequency Magazine, Issue #5, April 2013. Download free.
    • “Splinters” – Miscellanea Transdimensional Library, February 2013 (read, before it vanishes in August 2013).
    • “Feathers” – MetroMums MetroFiction, October 2012 (read).
    • “Amidst the Poison Scrub We Hunt” – A Quick Bite of Flesh, September 2012, an anthology from Hazardous Press. (If you like zombie flash fiction, you’ll find 55 pieces here.)


    • Finalist in Writers of the Future (4th Quarter, 2013)

Many thanks to Critters Workshop, to my beta readers, and to all the editors who’ve given one of my stories a home.

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